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Saturday, February 20, 2010

To Anonymous

Hello you,

To your little comment first i found myself a little mad. I didn't really think i said anything bad.

First, i hate that first kid who was trying to school me on calories. He knows this. He hates me also. On the first day we met he threw an apple at me. So yea, we aren't very friendly. We have a mutual hatred of each other. Also, the only reason her talks to me is because he finds it funny since i have a short temper, he always tries to make me mad. Like yesterday he threw a empty tin of mints. That hit me in the face. Joy. So again, mutual hatred.

Next, my best friend. I would die for her. Really i would. All I said is that she's perfect the way she is, and that dieting for her would be stupid, because she's not fat. Oh my god I'm so horrible! In case you didn't catch it that was sarcasm. I also said she eats a lot of fast food. So? She knows this and jokes about it all the time.

So i don't really appreciate your comment. I know you may have been just trying to get your point across.

"One day you'll find yourself in need of people like that"-- People like what? People who want to diet, or people who want to try to tell me wrong information?

For my best friend, i have convinced her not to diet. At least i hope i haven't. For all you know maybe i don't want to have her have this life. Ever thought of that? She wants to become a doctor. And if you have a eating disorder you can pretty much kiss that goodbye. Once you get stuck in a treatment center all your schooling gets off course and no hospital wants a doctor who has a chance of relapse. So yea, it's her dream to become a doctor, why should that be taken from her?

For that other kid, he could care less about anything i do. I am the same for him. So Again. Mutual Hatred.

What i really think of them. Nothing bad about my best friend. The other kid....^ well again^

I hope i have cleared this up for you. Also i hope my temper hasn't made this post bitchy.

~Riki Ana

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