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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hahaha i just was thinking of last week. I was in school during lunch having a very filling coke zero and my friend's friend who sits with us is like "that's unhealthy, it's taking the calcium out of your bones!" i was like "ok, your an idiot. That's starvation, drinking a soda with zero calories is not going to do that, you..." then the kid cut me off saying "NOOO!!! because since it's zero cals you're not getting enough cals and it's taking them out of your bones!"

"Um, well, your dumb because THERE AREN'T CALORIES IN YOUR BONES! you can get calories in this magical thing called FOOD! Fucking idiot."

"NO! it's unhealthy..." blah blah blah. I fucking hate that kid so much. Ever since the first day i met him. grr. Your trying to tell someone who spends most her day counting calories about calories? I don't know what your thinking but your going to get schooled! lmao


Another thing that happened, was my best friend is non stop talking about how she's going to start a "diet" ugh. she's not fat at ALL she's curvy. she's like I'm fat, blah blah blah, and i'm standing there going your not fat! She's like i'm going to be as thin as you!

From the girl that has mozzarella sticks and fries with a coke EVERYDAY for lunch. she eats so much fast food and crap it's amazing.

When she was talking to me all i could think was from wasted "Anorexics are very supportive of each others recovery. Less competition."

Is that why? Hmm, really i think she's fine the way she is.

Yesterday at the family party i binged. Badly, so today i'm fasting to make up for it.

Hope you all are doing good. I have a sudden urge to clean my house, which is very odd. Probably to get my mind off of my tummy. Don't know what my weight is i came down here to blog first. Drank nothing yet, going start water loading after i go to the bathroom and weigh my self.

Have a great day.
Starve on,
~Riki Ana

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  1. I hope your friends don't read this and find out what you really think of them. One day you'll find yourself in need of people like that.