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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

5 day fast... a little late

Ok so on monday i started a five day fast that i was going to do with Hannah.

But on monday i ate so that didn't work.
But today, tuesday, i haven't had a bite of food yet. And it's been hard because,
1) The first day of the fast is ALWAYS the hardest
2) During World History my teacher wanted to treat us with one of those GIANT cookie things with frosting. it looked soooooo good! but i did not give in!
3) My mom is making my FAV dinner. Chicken cutlet..... YUM
But i've resisted before and i'll do it again.

It's 5:31 right now. That means if i wanted to i could eat for the next hour and a half. I never eat past 7:00. It doesn't give your body enough time to digest causing more fat to me absorbed.

But i will not use that time to eat.

If you would like you can join. The fast ends on friday.
The last time i fasted i got to 3 days. On the third day i had a grey out. (it's like a black out, but the darkness doesn't quite reach the center so you avoid acually passing out.) I was in Bio and i stood too quickly and i didn't eat for 3 days so my body was trying to ruin my hard work. But i grabbed the chalk board chalk holder thing an forced my self to stand.

In gym today we did the most intense workout so that burned quite alot of cals.

So calorie log for today is.....
50 cals of lite ice tea
2 cans of coke zero
and a couple bottles of water.
so total cals are....
50!!!!!!! yay!!

and i proabaly burned more in gym. Man, i was shaking and my knees felt like jello. I had to walk up and down stairs to and i felt like every step they were buckling. but it is worth it.

Oh and when i did eat yesterday and before then i took my soup and hand and poured half of it into a bowl and watered it down alot. I filled me up by ALOT and for 35 cals

shit g2g


  1. Hey, definitely digging your blog. We're the same height (5'4") and I'm so jealous of how low you already are! My goal right now is between 99 and 103, depending on how fat I still feel when I get there. I'm 118 right now. Green with envy, dude.

  2. Sounds like you had a good day,
    50 cals is awesome.
    You are so strong, keep it up <3
    and keep having good days =)