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Saturday, February 13, 2010


helllooooo! I'M SOOOOO BORED! ugh. ok so here is my boring ass life. *sigh*

Yesterday i fasted, and was at the mall. I tried on a pair of pants and i couldn't get the past my thighs. :-( awwwwwww! so i had to get a size up. then i went to another store and i tried on a shirt but that was too big so i got a small. That made me feel better.
So top half=good
Bottom half=bad

I got through the day on water and 2 diet cokes. Except at the mall i ordered a diet coke but it didn't taste like it, so i freaked out. I drank it cuz my friend said it kinda did. So that might have been high cal. oh yea and i did some chewing and spitting.

Today i haven't ate anything yet, but it's only 9 am so we will see. i have to go to a party later so i might fast untill then.... maybe a piece of toast to hold me over?

grrr there's nothing to do!

i'll probably post something latter.

~Riki Ana


  1. I know what you mean!
    I hate my boring life, there is never ANYTHING to do.
    But don't worry, us anna's are right behind you in every step of the way!
    Stau strong hun!
    Arii <3

  2. I feel your pain. My bottom size is 2 sizes bigger than my top. Sooo annoying! Stupid hips...

    Stay Strong <3