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Monday, May 16, 2011

Time for a comeback

Well, my life has not been going where i've expected...

But yes, this is my return to Ana.

My life has become fucked up-ish. Let's go over what has happened. I had a boyfriend named Chris, i explored my physical side of a relationship, so i've had everything that isn't sex. Oral, anal, all that shit. Except with the anal he put it in and i told him to take it the fuck out cuz it hurt hahahaha Now we are broken up, we dated a month, i feel kinda slutty.

I smoke cigarettes now, around 6 a day. I smoke weed, let's just say enough to be considered a stoner in my school. the people i used to look down upon i have become.

I have in school suspension tomorrow for cutting classes, and ill have sense again for cutting chemistry, which im failing btw, except i didn't mean to cut. I cut lunch to go smoke a cigarette like i do everyday and my friends wanted to smoke weed so i went with them and smoked except stupid me was massively dehydrated and i passed out. It was awesome.

I lost all of my old friends because i've changed and my new friends are untrustworthy but fun to be around. I have a couple old friends left.
I lost my main friend Rania, she was the girl that was moving an hour away and i cried for. Fuck her. She betrayed me. She told my sister i drank and smoked weed, and smoked cigarettes, and that i have snuck out before. Stupid bitch.

My weight is 120-122.2.

Fuck that. I'll write more later.
It's good to be back.
~Riki Ana


  1. Welcome back, i'm glad you're back to blogging!

    Oh my word, it seems things have got a bit out of control for you in your life.
    I know you've made some massive changes but I hope you're doing this for all the right reasons.
    My view is doing all that stuff with a guy you don't know that well when you just had your first kiss less than 4 months ago is pretty jaw driopping.

    I just hope you're okay because you seem to be going off the rails.

    Please don't take offence to anything I said, I have read your blog for a long time and I don't want you to do anything that could harm you.

    much love

  2. Glad that your back baby girl<3 seems like all of us change and our eyes get a little more towards the dead side every year. "the people i used to look down upon i have become." ain't that the truth?
    Can't wait to hear more from you and I hope that you can recover from the hurt people have caused you and that you've done to yourself beautiful
    stay strong