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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Done with it.

Hello my beauties.

Today i stayed home from school becuase i didnt feel well when i woke up. I felt better about an hour later then i had the house to myself. I went on a blunt hunt, which is where i search around my house for weed that my brother has dropped, hidden, etc. I found two roaches. i Put them in his bong and lit up. Mmmm I love that bong, so fucking much. Perfect Day.

Except for the fact i ate. But no more food today.

I didn't get the chance to smoke a cigarette till 550. I wanted one so bad. Ill think ill have another after i finish bloggging this.

Yesterday i cut school with a couple friends and went to our friends house, smoked a bowl. Had a good day.

Tomorrow i go to school, no more cutting for me. Im putting that shit behind me. But friday my dad is taking me out of school to go to the beach. Fuck Yeah. He told me not to tell my mom- its legal cutting. My mom will drop me off and ill walk home, my dad will call me out sick and BAM beach time.

Ill buy a dime from a girl at school tomorrow and smoke before my dad picks me up- perfect timing bc then we wont have to talk while im high bc we are riding the motorcycle down.

Im scared to be in a bikini, i havent worked out at all ugh.

~Riki Ana

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