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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

End of day, post 2

Hush little baby don't you stir
Don't listen to the voices that you hear

They are just the monsters under your bed

in your closet and in your head

My sister decided i was too messy to share a room with a threw all of my clothes into the hallway, thanks sis. Im not cleaning the up. i put them into a garbage bag, i dont give a shit ill go the the bag everyday and wear them until they get dirty and someone will wash them and fold them up.

I'm one stubborn bitch.

Thinspo treat
I will be beautiful.

Im going to make a new ED bracelet, its going to be red beads with a dragonfly charm. ill upload a pic once i make it.
Thats my stomach all signed from bamboozle. :)
Thin, but not thin enough.

~Riki Ana

1 comment:

  1. Your stomach is fucking goreous <3 especially decorated with those signatures
    stay strong I know you can do it
    I'm glad your happy hopefully it'll stay that way :)