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Sunday, May 22, 2011

High Times

To the person that asked about the cough syrup. No it doesn't give you munchies, it gives you a stomach ache tho. Which is a plus for me, makes you not want to eat :)

Im doing it again tonight, ill write more later when im tripping haha
Remember to take in account the time it takes for the DXM to kick in, usually around 3 hrs for me. I usually take a nap and when i wake up BAM high as a kite. It makes your pupils HUGE tho even after your done being high for a couple hours so i recommend a friday night at home, cuz you wont be able to fall asleep. Try smoking a bowl at your peak too= FUCKING AWESOME

bye for now my beauties

Anymore questions feel free to ask
~Riki Ana

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