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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I miss my hip bones. I miss having a concave stomach. 
I repierced my belly button for some motivation. It will look cute once I get into shape. Thank god it's still chilly where I live. I am not ready to give up sweatshirts and leggings. 

I am not ready for short season. Not even because of my weight. Now my legs are adorned with scars on both my calves. My hips aren't too bad but they are there. And I'm sure in the bright sunlight they will be hard to miss. My ex boyfriend was very bothered about the scars. I personally do not mind them. My parents were disgusted by them. Their youngest child slicing open her own skin. I still crave it. I've been clean for a while though. I know I have the option to. I just tell myself, I'll do it later. And keep putting it off. For now, it is working. 

My mother has been a non stop nuisance . I love her, she is my mom after all and I have put her through a lot. But please stop hovering over me and asking me questions non stop. It is so annoying. Even my brother and sister are at their wits end. 

This is the end of my ramblings for today 

~Riki Ana 

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