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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sad Goodbyes

And no, this is not my good bye.

My best friend in the world is moving half an hour away from me. I found out last night at one of the biggest football games in the season. I started crying but i hate people seeing me cry so i walked to the bathroom and no one said a word. I passed by at least 100 people and it depresses me that no one said anything. People made eye contact until i broke it with my almost running stride. Then i was in the bathroom crying and dabbing my eyes with a tissue, when a little girl and her mother walked in. The mother saw me and continued on what she was doing, her little girl looked at me sad, and kept looking until i finally calmed downed and left. I stayed focused on the game to keep calm.

Today, Tomorrow and in school Monday are my last days with her.

Last night i cried and prayed in my bed for at least in hour saying "don't take her from me! She's my best friend, I love her! Let her stay her, Let her stay her!"

When i woke up this morning my eyes are puffy and it looks like i'm a monster of some sort.

Too depressed to keep typing.

I hope you girls are better?? Comment :)

~Riki Ana


  1. Oh sweetheart, my best friend in whole entire world lives an hour and half from but we manage by doing weekend trips. Maybe you could set up a system like that? Also, I dated a boy for a year while he lived an hour away and we managed by webchats and sleepovers.

    You're going to be okay. I feel for you though. My best friend is in Basic training right now for the airforce and it's been weeks and I haven't been able to talk to her. :(

    Much love set your way.

  2. Half an hour is barely a bus ride away! You guys can still manage this, the only thing that will be hard is the fact that you can't see her at school. But you shouldn't worry too much, this friendship can 100 percent still work out!

    You guys will be okay! xoxo

  3. Sweetie, literally all my good friends lived 20 minutes away from me back home anyways because I went to school in the city while I lived on an acreage. Now, I'm at boarding school an hour and a half away by plane and we still talk constantly; I miss them like crazyyy but half an hour car ride is seriously NOTHING! You guys will be totally fine, don't worry <3 :)